About the artist

Nick Peterson is a software engineer and graphic designer who started Oak & Fire after being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

"I have a passion for making people happy through the things I make. From helping put services like StitchFix and ZeeMee in peoples pockets, to (over)wrapping Christmas presents for family, I love building things for people.

When i'm not thinking about the next thing to make you can find me juggling in a park”

Pepper is a Golden Retriever that lives for visits with her sister Ginger at the workshop. She is all about people and grew up going to work in offices in San Francisco. Her favorite treat is human food. All the human food.

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The Workshop

A private 600-sqft family workshop tooled for wood, metal, pottery, and jewelry nestled in the California Sierra Foothills. Partly powered by onsite solar. Restored and expanded to help Oak & Fire, the shop is the creative outlet of 4 artists each with different skillsets.